Passenger Lifts

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Passenger Lifts

Passenger lifts are probably the most common type of installation. They are, as the name suggests, lifts that are suitable for carrying passengers as well as goods. If you would like information regarding lifts that transport goods, please visit our goods only lifts page.

We provide lift maintenance, repairs, refurbishments and installations of passenger lifts as required by our customers.

The majority of public and many private buildings with more than two storeys have passenger lifts. They are found in a range of buildings, including apartments, shops, nursing homes, schools, offices and many others. Often it is a DDA requirement being met in order to ensure that the building is suitably accessible for all those who may use it.


There are many different types of passenger lifts, including both traction and hydraulic lifts, as well as disabled and platform lifts. The most common request from out clients is for a DDA-compliant lift. These too are available in many forms but some key elements of the legislation to be aware of are:

  • Door openings to be at least 800 mm
  • Lift doors must be automatic
  • Door dwell time should be between 2 and 20 seconds
  • A mirror must be in the lift car to enable wheelchair users to see any obstacles behind them
  • Levelling accuracy must be within 20 mm
  • Audible signs for doors opening and closing for floor designation to the visually impaired
  • Faceplate and surrounds must be different, both visually and by touch to the push buttons

There Is a Huge Variety of Passenger Lifts Available

With so many options, it can be hard to decide which type of passenger lift may suit you best. Consider the following options:

Hydraulic Passenger Lift

These lifts have proven their reliability and efficiency over time, still being a very popular option for lift installations regardless of the technology’s age.

Hydraulic lifts are suitable for a wide range of loads, from medium duty workloads serving 320 kg to heavy duty workloads of several thousand kg. Given their versatility, you are usually safe choosing a hydraulic lift for your needs.

Traction Passenger Lift

An excellent alternative to hydraulic lifts is the traction passenger lift, with its more modern engineering, ease of use and long-term reliability. These lift types can serve small workloads (e.g. 1 passenger lifts) upwards to heavy workloads that rival hydraulic lift types.

Additionally, this lift can be motor room-less (MRL) with its gearless motors, requiring less room on site for machinery. Even without the extra machinery, these lifts are designed for frequent use and heavy traffic movement without struggle.

Vacuum Lift

Perfectly designed for domestic use, the vacuum lift contains little machinery and requires minimal servicing as a result. These lifts can be small enough to serve 1 passenger and large enough for wheelchair access.

Vacuum lifts are growing in popularity due to their simplicity, sleek design and fast installation. Typically a vacuum lift can be installed in a matter of days and then require little to no maintenance for years following.

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