ILM Smart Monitoring

Safety, Efficency and Cost Reduction, Included with all ACE Lifts Maintenance Contracts.

Plan condition based maintenance

Saving money long term on lift servicing and maintenance.

Failure Prediction

Safer and more reliable lift by predicting failure.

Instant Information

Receive real-time information about your lifts’ conditions.

Increased Efficiency

Improve your lift’s energy efficiency.

24/7 Monitoring

Accessible from internet-enabled devices.

Why ILM Smart Lift Monitoring is a game changer.

Instant Lift Information, Automatic Alerts & Much More!

Instanly Access Lift Information in Realtime

Automatic Alerts, Lifts Information such as number of journeys & door operations at each floor, Status of Breakdown, ETA of the Engineer, When Engineer is On-Site, When Lift is back in Service

Integrated Record Management

Maintenance Contracts, Maintenance Records, Job Sheets, Insurance Reports, Quotes, Service Schedules