Disabled Access Lifts

Disabled Access Lifts 2017-04-05T12:27:09+00:00

ACE Lifts not only provides the typical passenger and goods lift but also more specialised lifts.

You can request lifts specialised for wheelchair access, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Wheelchair lifts can range for simple platform types to the more modern vacuum lift, which we recommend for domestic use and sites with limited space available.

Disabled lifts are found in any building where the design involves stairs or wheelchair-inaccessible areas; disabled lifts make these areas accessible. They generally consist of a platform lift which is used alongside stairways and are for short travel distances. Disabled lifts have become more and more common since the DDA regulations have been passed; all buildings must be accessible to all people, regardless of ability.

Another type of access lifts is stair lifts (or vertical platform lifts) located beside the stairs. Easily accessible handrails and a non-slip floor surface are some of the safety features to prevent falls for lift users. The disabled access lifts installed by ACE Lifts are extremely flexible and can be adapted to meet whatever your building layout may be.

Installation time depends on lift type and travel distance, and we can work around your schedule to adhere to your needs. After installation, we provide a one year warranty along with comprehensive lift maintenance during the warranty period. Additionally, all of ACE Lifts’ products are open-protocol, meaning that they work with any other product or software and can be maintained by any lift company.

If you would like any further information or are interested in a FREE survey to assess your situation and which installation would be best, contact us at sales@ace-lifts.com or 01244 525994. Alternatively, please use the quotation form available below.