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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for answers to our most commonly asked questions.

If you can’t find the information you are looking for then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will reply to your query as soon as possible.

How will I know if I have enough space for a lift installation?

Lifts come in a range of sizes. Usually, if you have space the size of a shower cubicle, there will be some type of lift we can provide!

In the initial stages of your enquiry, any pictures or specifications you can provide can allow us to see the size of lift which we can install at your site then give an estimated quotation. We will then carry out a survey at your site to gain exact measurements to see whether the lift can be installed and then give a more specific quotation.

Is there a warranty service provided on my new lift installation?

Yes, once a lift is installed we offer one year warranty. Along with this we provide service maintenance visits, any call outs and any repairs free of charge (excluding any problems with the lift caused by misuse).

Do I need to build a shaft for the lift?

If there is not already a shaft built within the premises, then you have two options; either to build a lift shaft or alternatively a self-supporting structure can be provided by ourselves as part of the installation. Just let us know which option(s) you would like to consider so that we can survey and quote accordingly.

What is the difference between a hydraulic and traction lift?

Please visit the hydraulic vs. traction lift page to find out more information about the differences between the two types of lift.

What are my requirements as a lift owner?

Please visit our blog post on the requirements of a lift owner for full details on what your responsibilities are.

You can also check the guide for lift owners offered by the Health and Safety Executive.

How much does a lift cost?

Lift installation and refurbishment costs can vary greatly on lift specifications and individual lift requirements. If you would like for us to quote for a new installation or refurbishment then please visit the contact us page or through our online live chat pop up so that one of our sales team can assist you.

How safe is a lift?

Lifts are widely regarded as one of the safest modes of transportation. Numerous safety precautions and features are installed within all lifts to provide ultimate safety in the events of power cuts, misuse and other technical faults that can happen.

I don’t have a lot of additional space for a motor room, will this be a problem?

Due to new developments in lift design and manufacturing a traditional motor room is no longer required and machine room-less (MRL) lifts are a very popular option. Lift machinery can be placed in spaces both above and below the lift, so there’s nearly always a solution.

Do you offer free quotations?

Yes, we do offer free quotations; this includes a thorough site survey and specific quotation to suit your individual lift requirements. Please contact us for us to arrange for a free quotation.

Do you provide lift installations for the home?

Yes, we provide a range of lifts which can be installed within the home, please visit our sister website www.domesticliftcompany.co.uk for more information about this.

What maintenance services do you provide?

At ACE Lifts we provide a wide range of tailored contracts from standard to premium to fully comprehensive. Please visit our page about maintenance to find out more.

What should I do if my lift breaks down?

In the event that your lift is out of service or requires immediate attention, please call our main number of 01244 525 999 and we will arrange for an engineer to visit your site to return your lift to service as soon as possible. Our response time for our contract customers to a breakdown is within 4 hours of the call. Call outs are available for non-contract customer also at ‘non-contract’ rates, however we do strongly recommend that you do have a lift maintenance contract to keep your lift in a safe, reliable condition.