ACE Lifts Ltd – 25 Years of Excellence

At ACE Lifts we are passionate about all things lifts: we are proud of our unique lift products and services and our staff have the commitment to work tirelessly to meet the demands of our growing and satisfied customer base.

We provide the complete range of services for lifts including lift installations, lift maintenance, refurbishment, servicing and repair services regardless of the lift age or manufacturer. We also manufacture our own innovative components in our UK based factory.

 Mission Statement

“At ACE Lifts Ltd our aim is to achieve 100% lift safety and 100% lift reliability to minimise inconvenience and costs to our customers, caused by lift breakdowns.

Our mission is to accomplish this by great quality preventative lift maintenance tailored to each individual lifts’ needs, combined with unique, innovative solutions created through continuous in-house research.

In short, our aim is to provide excellence through innovation. “

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Charles Salter,  Managing Director

Why consider ACE Lifts?

We asked our clients why they continue to do business with us. The answers are simple. ACE Lifts offers an efficient, effective service backed by fully qualified lift engineers. We respond quickly to call outs and repairs and our capability to manufacture ‘in-house’ combined with technical expertise means that our clients see us as easy to do business with. We have highly skilled resident engineers based throughout the UK.

All of these features add up to one huge benefit for our clients. You get a cost effective, one-stop lift engineering company able to meet all requirements with speed, efficiency and a smile!

Contact us today to take advantage of the market leading solution and the competitive pricing that our enthusiastic team has to offer.