ACE Lifts does not only provide the typical passenger and goods lifts, but also the more specialised lifts which include dumbwaiters.


Dumbwaiters are mini service lifts that are commonly used in restaurants or other catering venues. ACE Lifts’ dumbwaiters are perfectly designed for the restaurant setting and can be either traction or hydraulic depending on your preferences. The standard dumbwaiter lift comes with a single car, but installing a double car dumbwaiter is also possible. All of ACE Lifts products are open protocol, meaning that they work with any other product or software and can be maintained by any lift company.

Installation takes approximately a week and we work around your schedule and adhere to your needs. After installation, we provide a one year warranty along with comprehensive lift maintenance during the warranty period.

Dumbwaiter Lift Features


Finishes:                                         stainless steel
Travel distance:                  up to 35m (12 floors)
Nominal load:                          from 50 to 100kgs
Max speed:                             0.35m per second