ACE Lifts’ New Large Goods Lift

ACE Lifts’ New Large Goods Lift

We have been very busy recently! With multiple projects in development, we are very excited to start work with our newly designed goods lift! So far we have built a fully functional demo o that has performed just as we had hoped, and we are now preparing for future installations.

You can see what it looks like from our photos below – our engineers worked extremely hard to make sure that this example came out as intended so we are very proud of their accomplishment!

If you have any technical queries about this goods lift, please don’t hesitate to contact us with them!

Photos from our functional demo installation

Our goods lift is made to withstand huge loads and heavy duty usage


After working with goods lifts for many years, ACE Lifts has recognised what designs and materials receive the most wear, damage, misuse and functional failures


Our controllers continue to be designed and manufactured in-house; we want to ensure our lifts are running on the best equipment. So of course, we are using our own controller for this new lift design

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