Lift Refurbishment & Modernising

Lift Refurbishment & Modernising 2017-04-10T15:50:09+01:00

It is not always necessary to replace an old lift – and refurbishment can be a cost effective way of improving your lifts reliability, safety and performance and carrying out refurbishments is what ACE Lifts specialise in.

Whether it is an upgrade to meet DDA legislation, current H&S standards or just to improve the appearance of your lift interior to better fit in with the building, we can help choose the right program for you.

ACE Lifts’ modernisation programme includes the replacement of old, or obsolete components with new parts including features that were unavailable when the lift was first installed. This will help the upgraded system comply with new regulations, allow a more efficient and more economical system and provide a more reliable service for your customers.

We manufacture our own high-quality control systems and other lift components, meaning that we can offer an extremely quick turnaround from order to fitting: in some cases, lift refurbishments including controller change can be carried out just a week from order! This also gives us the advantage of being able to offer bespoke solutions that can fit any type and any age of lift.

Machine Room-Less (MRL) Lifts

If you are embarking on a refurbishment or modernisation project ACE Lifts can offer machine room-less electric passenger lifts which best optimise the available shaft. The lift is flexible, allowing for single, double and triple entrances, which is ideal for projects with adjacent entrances.


After Sales Care

All our lift refurbishments come with a year’s FREE comprehensive lift maintenance afterwards, so you can be sure that your lift refurbishment will be of high quality and reliable with full after sales support.

If you would like any further information or are interested in a FREE survey to assess your lifts requirements contact us at or 01244 525 994.