Hydraulic Lifts vs. Traction Lifts

Is a Hydraulic Lift or Traction Lift Best for your Building? When installing a new lift there are many things to consider. As well as deciding on the colour scheme, whether to have a full or half height mirror, whether you would like it to serve passengers or goods etc, one main consideration is which

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Lifts in Cold Weather

Recently we've had snow, rain and generally very wintry weather throughout the UK. Few areas have been unaffected by the snow and in some buildings' cases, the lift has been no exception. This is often due to the lifts' oil being too cold. ACE Lifts recommend that hydraulic oil (where applicable) is kept at the optimum temperature of between

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Power Saving Units: How they Affect Lifts

Over the last year we have been busy as usual, servicing and repairing lifts. Whilst on their travels, our engineers have encountered a number of new Energy Saving Units (ESU’s). These are units that are designed to reduce voltage (usually via a reduced voltage tapping on a transformer), therefore reducing energy usage. Whilst we at ACE

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