Preventative Lift Maintenance with the i-COM Remote Monitoring System The i-COM is our award winning lift remote monitoring system. One of the advantages of this is that it enables us to tailor your lift maintenance to your lifts' requirements to ensure it's getting the right level of attention and that it is targeted most effectively. This video shows how we use the journey

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ACE Lifts Growth Success! ACE Lifts celebrates year of growth as it eyes further UK expansion! ACE Lifts, which is headquartered in Sandycroft, Deeside, increased turnover to £5million in the year to the end of November – an increase of around 70% on two years earlier.The 30-year-old family business has also recruited 15 new employees in the last

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ACE Lifts Opens New Office in Watford to Serve London and Southern Customer Base This month, we're very excited to report our opening of our new Southern office in Watford which will be used by four office-based staff, including new office manager Chloe Whitfield, and a southern engineering team of around 20. The expansion follows a successful 12 months for ACE Lifts, which has its head office in

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Our New i-COM Lift Remote Monitoring Video

We are really excited to introduce to you, our new video for our award-winning online remote monitoring system – the i-COM. The i-COM lift remote monitoring system is compatible with any lift type and manufacturer and enables you to remotely monitor your lifts performance from your laptop, smartphone or other internet-enabled device. The i-COM will monitor your lifts efficiency, will

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The Average Call Out Rate for Lifts

What is the ‘Average’ Call Out Amount Expected for Lifts? For several years we have kept our baseline set to the supposed ‘industry standard’ for lift call outs. This indicates the typical range of breakdowns that might be expected from a lift being used regularly over the course of 12 months – with it, you

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Our SafeContractor Accreditation has been renewed!

We're very pleased to announce that we have been awarded the accreditation from Safecontractor again for our ongoing commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety. The scheme is used by many organisations as a way of identifying a suitable and competent contractor, with more than 370 major clients and over 28,000 contractor members. SafeContractor

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ACE Lifts’ New Large Goods Lift

We have been very busy recently! With multiple projects in development, we are very excited to start work with our newly designed goods lift! So far we have built a fully functional demo o that has performed just as we had hoped, and we are now preparing for future installations. You can see what it

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Hello to our new Southern Regional Director, Terry Garner!

Exciting Developments for our Southern Customers! ACE Lifts has had years of presence in the south of the UK as well as the rest of the UK. We have been completing many successful projects and contracts for our wide variety of customers thanks to the availability of our engineers nationwide. However, we have recently

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Procurement For All Framework

All of us at ACE Lifts are excited to announce our recent award onto Procurement For All’s Framework, a national agreement that will allow us to work with a wide variety of new organisations in the near future! PFA is a procurement solutions provider that assists its members in finding practices that can provide exactly

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