i-COM Lift Monitoring

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i-COM : The Latest in Lift Technology

i-COM Elevator Remote Monitoring System

The i-COM is an online remote monitoring system compatible with any lift – whatever the type or manufacturer. It offers both the independent lift company and building managers advanced remote features at an affordable cost from the comfort of their laptop, smartphone or other internet enabled device. This means the lift can be monitored for faults 24/7, 365 days a year providing potential benefits and cost savings.

The system was designed based on customer feedback. For many lift owners, the lift is a vital piece of equipment that causes huge inconvenience if it is out of service, particularly if this is unplanned. We looked to find a way for you to prevent inconvenience and reduce costs by accurate information and planning – this is what the i-COM does.

How It Works

The i-COM can be installed very quickly (from 20 minutes). It links to the encoder and control panel and sends information back to the user interface via the CANBus system.

Once the i-COM is installed, you can log into the user-friendly screen. You can use the information to plan for repairs, check how much energy the lift is using and if the maintenance is being carried out correctly.

As with all ACE Lifts components, the i-COM is open-protocol. This means that the customer is not tied to using ACE Lifts. It can be added to any company’s equipment and can be maintained by any lift company.

Why choose the i-COM?

  • Plan condition based maintenance, saving money long term
  • Have a safer and more reliable lift by predicting failure
  • Receive real-time information about your lifts’ conditions
  • Improve your lift’s energy efficiency
  • Accessible from internet-enabled devices

To find out more about the i-COM and to receive a free demonstration, contact us here or view our dedicated i-COM website.