About ACE

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ACE Lifts was established in 1988 by Charles Salter as Artisan Control Equipment Ltd. For many years we supplied lift control systems to various lift companies across the UK. During this time we developed our expertise and produced a number of innovative solutions for the lift industry. Increasingly we were asked to provide lift installations, lift maintenance, servicing and repair services and by 2005 this was such a strong part of our business that we renamed our lift company to ‘ACE Lifts Ltd’.

ACE Lifts: What We Do

Lift installations, maintenance, refurbishments and repairs are the main focus of our business but we also prioritise the manufacture of lift control systems, which puts our lift company in a unique position.

Unlike other lift companies, we can dramatically reduce the lead time for lift repairs and servicing for lifts as we manufacture many of the requisite control components in-house. Benefits of this are passed to our clients in two ways:

1. Reduced lead times, so the lift has less down time
2. Reduced costs

From the directors to the staff, we are passionate about our unique products and services and have the commitment to work tirelessly to meet the demands of our growing and satisfied customer base.

Why not take advantage of the market-leading solution and the competitive pricing that our enthusiastic team has to offer?

Our Awards & Accreditations

ACE Lifts is proud of our accomplishments, accreditations and memberships but most importantly, what our customers have to say about us. You can visit our testimonials page to find what others are saying about our services.

Our i-COM remote monitoring unit has gathered us unique attention due to its innovation and design. The technology used in our lifts has become award-winning and we can’t wait to show you why.