Lift Legal Requirements- What is Required of Me, the Lift Owner

Lift Legal Requirements- What is Required of Me, the Lift Owner


A question that customers Lift toolboxoften ask is what their responsibilities are as a lift owner. This blog post will help you to understand the lift legal requirements and how you can help reduce potential breakdowns and damage.

“What are my responsibilities as a lift owner?”

Responsibilities of the lift owner are very simple and if responsibilities are followed and documented then this will significantly help to protect you from possible lift breakdowns or injuries to those using the lift.




Lift Legal Requirements- Summary of your Role as the Lift OwnerLift car image

  • Select a competent person to examine your lift every 6 to 12 months
  • Make sure the competent person is giving you all necessary documentation and that you are storing it in safe place for health and safety inspectors.
  • Use a company such as ACE Lifts LTD to perform routine maintenance on your lift.


Lift Legal Requirements- Select a Competent Person to Examine your Lift

This competent person is someone who has sufficient technical and practical knowledge of the lift to be able to detect any problems and who can identify how significant these problems are.

Lift engineering tools for lift repairs

This person needs to be sufficiently independent and impartial so that they can make an objective assessment of the lift. Due to this it is not advisable for the competent person to be the same person as who carries out routine maintenance on your lift as they would consequently be assessing their own work.

The competent person can be chosen in house or from an external company as long as they meet the above criteria. 

Insurance companies will be able to recommend accredited inspecting organisations for this. An external person will need to be able to understand what is meant by a thorough examination and what the law requires. The UK Accreditation Service standard of BS EN 45004 is an indication of the competence of an inspection body.


Lift Legal Requirements- Documentation

The Competent person is legally required to send you a written and signed report of the thorough examination within 28 days but sooner if a serious defect needs to be addressed.

If the report finds that there is an ‘existing or imminent risk of serious personal injury’ then the competent person is also required to send a copy to the enforcing authority.

Lift maintenance

You are legally required to ensure that reports of the thorough examinations are kept available for health and safety inspections for at least two years or until the next report has taken place.


Lift Legal Requirements- Lift Maintenance

In order to ensure your lift is working well and parts are not damaged or getting worn it is strongly advised that your lift is regularly booked in for lift maintenance visits. We recommend a minimum of 4 visits a year. We at ACE lifts LTD would thoroughly examine all parts of the lift and give recommendations on whether any parts need to be repaired or replaced, as well as making sure the lift complies with our safety standards.

For additional information please see the HSE website and download the ‘Simple guidance for lift owners’ brochure or contact us for assistance in arranging maintenance or lift repairs.

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