Lift Symposium : Northampton University

Lift Symposium : Northampton University

Congratulations to ACE Lifts’ Rafal Kwiatkowski

This week is the Symposium on Lift and Escalator Technologies and we are proud to have one of our members of staff, Rafal Kwiatkowski, giving a presentation.

2014 is the fourth annual Lift and Escalator symposium organised by CIBSE and the University of Northampton. This year it is being held at Highgate House in Northampton 25th-26th September. Experts from all areas of the lift and escalator industry will be presenting their peer-reviewed papers. Some of the topics include::

  • ‘Hybrid Lift Group Control Systems’
  • ‘Lift Systems in High-Rise Buildings: Handling Capacity and Energy Efficiency’,┬áThe History of Traffic Control’
  • ‘Lift System Calculations in EN81-50’

Rafal will be speaking about ‘The Development of a Low- to Mid-Rise Energy Efficient, Green Lift System. He has been working on this particular project at ACE Lifts for the past year and we are excited to see his work be presented. Some aspects of his research include: using lightweight materials for the lift car and sling, the concept of an ‘active counterweight’, remote monitoring (including the usage of the i-COM) and improving installation techniques.

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