Cat Lifts: for domestic use in tall buildings

Cat Lifts: for domestic use in tall buildings

Cat Lift Infographic

Cat Lifts

The cat lift is an innovative product which provides freedom of movement to cats living in high-rise, urban apartments. It works as a cat flap at entry and exit, except that in between is a mini-lift to carry the cat back and forth from their respective apartment to the ground floor. This provides your cat freedom of movement without risking high-rise syndrome (cats falling from high windows or ledges). Due to the large number of options in shaft size and placement, the cat lift can be installed in any building. If you already have a cat lift installed, ACE Lifts can maintain, repair or refurbish it.

Whatever the situation ACE Lifts can offer the best solution for your vertical transport needs. If you are interested in a cat lift installation click here to contact us to arrange a FREE site survey.

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