Lift Tour: ACE Lifts Trip to Barcelona

Lift Tour: ACE Lifts Trip to Barcelona

This week four representatives from ACE Lifts went to Barcelona to visit one of the offices of our supplier for complete lifts,

glass lift


It was a fantastic trip; we learnt a lot more about the range of complete lifts that RALOE offer and are now even more confident in their fantastic range of elevators.

We went on a walking tour of Barcelona to see a number of lifts that RALOE have provided in the past, many of which were scenic elevators which seem to be extremely popular.

Lift Installations in Barcelona

Here are a couple of pictures on this page of passenger lifts that we visited. On the left is a fully automatic two floor, 13 person passenger lift with a through car used in a shopping centre. The second lift installation is an ‘Optimus’ model, a four person passenger lift in a glass shaft in an apartment building with semi-automatic doors that serves seven floors.

lift with structureThe quality of the installations was great. We viewed a number where lifts were installed into old buildings originally not designed for lifts but which blended in flawlessly and made best use of the available space. We also saw some lifts in old buildings that had been replaced by RALOE to look exactly as they had originally but with more safety features and were much more reliable than the original models.

This fits in well with ACE Lifts as we carry out lift installations from time to time in listed buildings and understand the importance of fitting in with the surroundings.

We were also impressed with how well the lifts still looked and performed, years after the initial installation. 


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