Traction Lifts: an infographic on how they work

Traction Lifts: an infographic on how they work


How Traction Lifts Work

Traction Lifts

Traction lifts are commonly found in buildings throughout the UK, from office and commercial buildings to apartments complexes and large hotels. They usually service taller buildings and move at higher speeds. For this reason, they have more safety features such as the traction ropes, overspeed governors and shock absorbers. They can be used as both passenger lifts and goods lifts, including dumbwaiters. Existing traction lifts can be repaired and maintained by ACE Lifts and we are experts in carrying out lift refurbishments on all types of elevators.

The other main type of lift installation is a hydraulic lift, either direct acting or indirect acting. If you’d like to see how the two types of lift installations compare check out our hydraulic vs. traction lift page.

Whatever the situation ACE Lifts can offer the best solution for your vertical transport needs. If you are interested in a traction lift installation click here to contact us to arrange a FREE site survey.

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