The Green Lift Project

The Green Lift Project

The Green Lift project is a research and design project ACE Lifts has started in order to investigate the latest technologies that can be used to create a lift with optimum energy efficiency, and use this information to manufacture this lift in the UK. This project is being conducted in cooperation with the Northampton University and with support of the Welsh Government.

Our aim is to develop a system that uses less energy and produces a better ride quality than any comparable system that is available on the market. The new lift is also being manufactured in the UK, with locally sourced lift components wherever possible in order to save energy and costs associated with transporting.

Green Lift

ACE Lifts is also keen to explore new materials and alternative installation procedures.

We want to develop a ‘Green’ passenger lift using a traction lift design. It will deliver a better performance and reduce the energy consumption and costs over the entire life cycle of the lift installation. All areas are being considered; this includes the installation, the production and operation of the new system.

Combined with its online remote monitoring capabilities (for more information on this, please see our i-COM page), the Green Lift has the potential to be a cost effective and eco-friendly solution for every building. The Green Lift project began November 2012 and is anticipated to be complete and ready to install in December 2014.

If you would like any further information, please contact us.

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