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ACE Lifts offer a range of domestic lifts, one of which is the vacuum lift. Please see our dedicated website for more information on these lifts.

Vacuum Lifts

The vacuum lift is the perfect solution for either buildings with a requirement for a small lift or for homes.  We offer three sizes; one person, two person or three persons or a wheelchair. They are stylish, easy to install, very reliable and long lasting. Popular in the US and Europe, we are now able to offer this lift in the UK.


Available in a range of colours and sizes

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Available for Wheelchair use

How does the vacuum lift work?

Rather than using cables or pistons, the vacuum lift is the only lift powered by air!

The pneumatic vacuum lift is formed by a cylindrical vertical shaft, and a car which moves inside. To enable the lift to rise, the vacuum system on the top of the lift, draws air from above the seal of the car on the interior of the cylinder which creates a low pressure area above the cabin seal.

At the same time, atmospheric pressure (greater than the low pressure system above the cabin seal) enters into the ground floor cylinder through perforations on the ground floor cylinder panels, consequently creating lift. To descend, there is a valve inside the vacuum motor system that regulates the air entry into the cylinder restoring pressure and lowering the car smoothly without consuming energy. This also makes the vacuum lift very ecofriendly.


Why choose the vacuum lift?

Installation in as little as 2 days! 

Almost no builders work – no pit, shaft or machine room required.

  3 different sizes, from either 1 person to 3 people / wheelchair size

  Absolute safety

   Lease options available with monthly payments

  Extremely space efficient – very small footprint

  Low maintenance

  Choice of colours to suit your home.


All vacuum lifts from ACE Lifts come with a two year warranty with fully comprehensive maintenance during this period.

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